A long time has passed, but passions will not subside after Fish in House co-founder Andrei Matsuk visited the exhibition in Milan.

Impressions after the trip were only positive, there was a lot of new and interesting acquaintances, and communication with some new friends continues to this day. This is not surprising, because specialists in one field always have something to talk about, sharing experience and knowledge.

Special attention was paid to frozen products at the exhibition – even pizza prepared from a frozen state was tastier than the same dish in the  center of Milan. We got a lot of ideas for a food court, which, by the way, will soon again please fans of our dishes on the grill and in deep fat.

There were some tastings – a delicate and noble taste of swordfish, a delicate and soft squid from Latin America and much more.

And although the main attention of our director was focused on the fish stands, we still heard about bamboo paste; truffle-rich olive oil cream; salami, packed in the form of sweets and a diverse assortment of freshly baked bread …

In any case, such exhibitions do not pass without a trace in the mind of the one who visited it. So we are waiting for delicious new products in the Fish in House kitchen!

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