Snacks and salads

In the Fish in House restaurant you have the opportunity to fully enjoy delicious fish and seafood snacks. They are not only nutritious, but also extremely tasty. Salty, pickled, boiled, stuffed fish – we will not disappoint you!

The Fish in House menu has traditional snacks, for example, classic forshmak, as well as snacks according to our chef’s original recipe: the most delicious pastes from catfish liver, pollack or salmon; classic hummus and hummus with pesto sauce; a large selection of stuffed fish – pike, carp, hefelt fish, pelengas.

Well, of course, there are rolls in our fish restaurant! But they are special in Fish in House, it is worth a try to make sure of an unsurpassed taste: there are rolls from bream, pelengas, mackerel or pollack.

It is also worth paying attention to the author’s Gravlax from salmon, as well as a delicious salting (carp, silver carp, pelengas).

Specify the assortment and availability of dishes by calling the kitchen 097 708 27 88, as the cuisine menu depends on the assortment and the availability of fish products