Second Dishes

Dishes from fish and seafood are obtained not only low-calorie, but also very healthy and nutritious. Fried, baked, boiled in Sous Vide or steamed, each time achieving different textural and taste results – we think about how to fully reveal the tint bouquet of each slice.

In the restaurant Fish in House, we cook dishes that are familiar to everyone: steamed and fried cutlets, fish meatballs, cabbage rolls, river fish roe pancakes and gourmet fish liver fritters.

But even in this category, we can surprise you with new dishes made by the Fish in House chef. Do you know that a delicious oriental dish Dolma can be prepared not only from meat, but also from carp or pelengas? And hake fillet pancakes are tender and airy – everything is for you.

You will also find in the menu:

  • hake in tomato
  • hake fillet with parmesan and tomatoes
  • fillet of pollock with pineapple and mozzarella
  • cutlets from pike and crucian carp
  • pike cutlets with cheese, seeds and cereal
  • potato pancakes with pike
  • meatballs from pike and carp

In Fish in House, according to special recipes, chefs fry or steam steaks of carp, salmon, trout, pike perch.

Specify the assortment and availability of dishes by calling the kitchen 097 708 27 88, as the cuisine menu depends on the assortment and the availability of fish products