We cannot ignore the visit to the Seafood Expo Global exhibition in Brussels, to which the Luchinsky couple went for new suppliers, ideas and emotions.

But, according to Viktor Luchinsky, if you compare the trip of last year and this – little has changed in the format of the event. Only its perception has changed. We all know the emotions of the first visit – something new, interesting, exciting, trying to embrace the immense. This time at Seafood Expo Global, everything went more calmly and deliberately – we talked with suppliers, producers (some of them were already familiar to us), discussed the prospects for new cooperation, and strengthened friendly contacts with existing partners.

The plans are to expand the assortment due to the frozen products of wild catch, but there are still many experiments ahead, because we need to understand in what form the product remains after defrosting, whether the quality is lost. Also we’re going to experiment with cooking the fish – which side dish is suitable, which sauce will better emphasize the taste.

The 2019 exhibition surprised by its technological approach. So, for example, trying on virtual reality glasses, you could get into the workshop for cutting salmon. And with the help of a robot, walk along the bottom of an impromptu pond. The robot is designed to monitor the growing of fish in cages and is easily controlled by the remote control.

One word that characterizes the exhibition in perfect way is productively. There are still a lot of unassembled advertising products, now it’s already possible to sit down to study it meaningfully and calmly.

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