River Fish

River fish is a bright representative of Ukrainian cuisine. It was always served at the table on holidays and as part of the daily diet. River fish is very easily and quickly digested. Boiled or baked, it is an indispensable product for dietary nutrition.

In the Fish in House store you can buy fresh river fish caught from the mouth of Vorskla (Dnipro).

The range is presented from such types of freshwater fish as:

  • som
  • pikeperch
  • carp
  • crucian
  • bream
  • pike
  • tench
  • silver carp
  • roach

Fish is stored at a stable temperature (-2 … 0), at a certain humidity. The delivery of fish is carried out daily or every two days, depending on the catch.

Dishes prepared from this fish will delight you with a great taste that your family and friends will appreciate.

Specify the assortment and availability of products by calling the store 068 742 19 48, as the catch depends on the season, spawning and other factors