For several years in the Dnipro in the Nagorny Market there is a fish and seafood store that’s called Fish and House. In this establishment you can buy high-quality and always fresh products, and even prepare a purchase right on the spot.

The Informator went to this kitchen-store to look at the process of delivery, cooking fish and other seafood and talk with the owners of a successful business.


Fish in House is located at Dmitry Dontsova St., 2b. The location of the store in the Nagorny Market is convenient – there is a parking nearby for those who come to buy food by car, as well as public transport stops. The establishment itself is decorated in an alternative minimalist style: the store-kitchen in 2016 even received an award as the best design project.

The spacious area of ​​the Fish in House store greets guests with showcases of fresh produce – river and sea fish, squid, shrimp, mussels, caviar, and live oysters and lobsters await customers in aquariums.


Friendly and polite (this is not for the sake of the word, the store staff are really sweet) the store staff will help you choose seafood, advise on options and offer cleaning and cutting fish (which, by the way, is absolutely free, and will save you from unnecessary trouble). Seafood comes to Fish in House windows from Turkey, France, Sri Lanka, and some are grown and harvested in Ukraine, so the freshness of the products is beyond doubt.


Near the store there is a kitchen where competent cooks prepare the right fish dishes. You can either choose something from pre-cooked products, or ask the chef to cook the selected fish right now. And while waiting in the kitchen you can drink coffee or try fish snacks – for example, you can taste quesadilla with salmon, carrot roll with salmon (we recommend it, the taste is fantastic!), Stuffed pike, lasagna with silver carp and many other options for fish dishes.



The store has a convenient ordering system – you can just call the kitchen and ask to cook you a dish by a certain time. Fish in House trusts its customers, so you don’t even need to leave a prepayment or a deposit – just a phone call will be enough, and you can pay for dishes after the fact. You can also order the delivery of finished food to your home.


Fish in House shop-kitchen has been operating for several years. “At the beginning, we rented only one stand here in the Upland market. But then we realized that we can do better – and so Fish in House appeared in the form in which you see it now. We try to constantly develop, add new items to the menu, find new suppliers and, of course, steadily observe the rules for storing fish and seafood. Products are transported at a certain temperature and humidity, and fish and seafood are stored, cut and sold in sterile conditions, ”says Victor Luchinsky, founder and co-owner of Fish in House.

As a Result, Fish in House is a great place for those who love fish very much, but do not like to engage in the process of cleaning and processing it, and in some cases cooking. The chefs at the kitchen store will do everything for you, and you just have to enjoy the taste of fresh and well-prepared fish and seafood dishes.


See the full video about the revision of the Informator HERE.

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