As you probably already noticed, Fish in House never stops developing and striving to surprise and delight its guests with something new. So, bright, fragrant and interesting prepared marinades for baking fish appeared in the storefront windows.

Of course, you still have the opportunity to take raw fish, as well as the finished dish in the Fish in House kitchen. But if you still want to cook at home, and at the same time get away from the hassle and speed up the process, we would like to offer you semi-finished products for baking from our chef Dmitry. In just a few simple movements you will receive a fragrant, delicious dish that is in no way inferior to restaurant positions.

Here a few words about Dima should be said – this is a person with many years of experience working with fish. He subtly feels and understands the peculiarities of cooking this or that kind of dish, uses competently selected ingredients for his marinades, which are not always found in a standard kitchen set of spices. He is in a constant process of inventing new recipes to speed up the preparation of a delicious lunch or dinner.

Necessary actions:

  • choose any semi-finished product on the storefront (or order by phone the marinade you already liked);
  • put fish on paper or foil at home;
  • put in the oven and bake at a temperature of 180C for 25-30 minutes;
  • enjoy the original taste of cooked fish.

Up to date guests of Fish in House have managed to appreciate and try – dorado in a banana leaf and dorado with cherry tomatoes in a garlic dressing; catfish steaks with smoked paprika and catfish marinated with lemon; zander with zucchini and, of course, herring with pickled onions (you just don’t need to bake it).

Our chef has plans for at least two dozen positions of fish marinades, as well as a line of oils: with dried tomatoes, shrimps, herring and other types of oils. We do not strive to fill the storefront windows – we want to make your life easier and tastier! Therefore, we are waiting for you at Fish in House for shopping and reviews!

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