Frozen products

In frozen fish, only the best and the most useful remain. Moreover, there is a fish that simply cannot get chilled into stores, especially all year round. Frozen fish in Fish in House is always unrivaled freshness and perfect quality. This guarantee is provided by the shock freezing method, which is used directly on fishing vessels.

The range of frozen fish includes: carcass hake, hake fillet, tilapia, pangasius; mackerel with a head, sea bass, cod, goatfish (Black Sea and Mediterranean), black sea mackerel, broola, king-clip, capelin, wolf fish.

For connoisseurs of seafood, various types of shrimp are presented in the storefront window: tiger, greenland, cocktail, Black Sea and langoustines. Also available: shrimp tails in shell and without; rapans, squids, sea cocktail, octopus, cuttlefish, scallop. Several types of mussels: Chilean (without shell), New Zealand (in a half shell).

As a special delicacy, Fish in House presents pike caviar, which is cooked by its own cooks. Caviar is made without preservatives, therefore, after proper defrosting, it can be stored for 12 hours at a temperature (0 … + 5) in your home.

At all stages of delivery, storage and sale, we carry out quality control of fish and seafood. Only products that meet the highest quality standards are allowed to be sold.

Specify the assortment and availability of products by calling the store 068 742 19 48, as the catch depends on the season, spawning and other factors