The fish store Fish in House has changed the gastronomic map of the Dnipro. Here you can not only buy the inhabitants of the seas and oceans from different parts of the world, but also taste delicious dishes. Do you have your own recipe? Fish in House Chefs begin to cook. Salmon, trout, pike perch, flounder, sea bass, sea bream, shrimp, mussels, lobsters, oysters – everything is here. After all, this is a family business, the founders of which are in love with fishing. We learned from the owners of the store about the principles of choosing seafood suppliers, about the peculiarities of cooking different types of fish and about the exclusive Fish in House offers.

Irina Luchinskaya

In the arsenal of Fish in House there are products from Turkey, Norway, Sri Lanka. As well as the inhabitants of the Azov and Black Seas. Today we are setting up deliveries from the USA. River fish comes to us from local lakes and rivers. All products have international or Ukrainian quality certificates. We are tasting new deliveries as a whole team. After all, quality fish is the health of our guests.

We attend specialized conferences and exhibitions, travel a lot. In different countries we go to the markets, try new dishes, learn about the producers. In addition, we meet with cooks – fans of their craft. We are experimenting together.

Recently, we met with guys from Kiev who are engaged in sauces, marinades and spices. They devote all their time to this business. We are already discussing options for cooperation with them.

We can do everything from fish. We have created a kitchen so that cooks develop new dishes, invent new ways of cooking. Our task is to accurately convey the taste of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. But we are not limited to this only. Let’s reveal a little secret: we are planning the opening of the meat direction.

Victor Luchinsky

This summer Fish in House will please with a novelty – here you can try carabinieri – Spanish deep-sea shrimps. Today with chefs we are developing new grill marinades. After all, summer is the cooking season in nature!

I have a positive attitude to quality frozen seafood. Qualitatively! If they are frozen on a ship, stored at low temperature, properly thawed, then they do not lose their properties. Often, delivering from afar is the only way to get the right products.

Each type of fish has its own type of cooking. For example, sea bass and sea bream are ideal for baking or grilling. Some species of river inhabitants are good for stuffed dishes. They can be successfully mixed. In addition, different fish is combined with different spices. If the aroma is tender, less strong spices are needed – enough lemon juice, pepper and salt. For the preparation of mackerel and river fish, more powerful seasonings and marinades can be used.

Andrey Matsuk

 A feature of Fish in House is the ability to cook a dish from fish bought here. Cook with us or order at home – everything will be done by the agreed time. We take into account any wishes and create non-standard dishes. Someone wants a “pie like grandmother’s”, someone wants cod fillet cutlets. We always realize the fantasies of our guests.

In the spring-summer season we are expanding the fish offer. We will introduce pizza and lasagna with seafood, pizzadilla into the menu. In addition, we will update the food court menu. We actively participate in city festivals, where oysters and grilled fish are very popular. This year we plan to diversify the festival menu with mussels.

Our restaurant allows you to enjoy home cooking. Guests order most of the dishes over the phone, come and take with them. Most often, mincemeat and all kinds of fish cakes are chosen: pike with crucian carp, pike with bream or pike with cheese. If you dream of exotic dishes, it is advisable to place an order in advance so that we can properly prepare overseas fish or seafood.

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