First meals

One of the most healthy dishes are meals from fresh seafood, because they retain the maximum benefit. In our restaurant you will find cold and hot, diet and more hearty soups with popular seafood, river and sea fish. They are prepared on the basis of fish broth from Norwegian salmon. Only the freshest ingredients and the most delicious cuisine are served at Fish in House.

We invite you to try:

  • Borscht with hake
  • Pea soup with silver carp
  • Solyanka with pollock and pike perch
  • Creamy salmon soup
  • Pickle with sea bass

In the summer season, a real discovery for lovers of fish dishes will be:

  • Green borsch with silver carp
  • Okroshka with hake

Specify the assortment and availability of dishes by calling the kitchen 097 708 27 88, as the cuisine menu depends on the assortment and the availability of fish products