We have already made so many publications on social networks, referring to a certain Dmitry, who creates culinary masterpieces at Fish in House. But who is he – this mysterious chef who seeks to facilitate the process of home cooking?

Today we will open the veil of secrecy and introduce you to Dmitry Fomin.

 – Dmitry, a few words about yourself, please.

– I am a fan of the “fish” business, for me the kitchen is a construction kit, I can assemble all the details hard and long until I achieve the desired result! At Fish in House, I head the department of art culinary – we pickle, prepare fish and seafood, so that the housewives in the kitchen only have to “add fire”.

– How did you begin this “cooperation” with fish?

 – After studying for the specialty “Cook”, I was sent to practice in a boarding house on the seashore. There I met local fishermen, saw how they catch and cut fish, after salting, smoking and drying it right on the beach. So this process dragged me on, that after practice I stayed with them for another 2 years, as it turned out – not in vain. I learned all the features of fishing from the fishermen who devoted the sea almost their whole life: where, when and what kind of fish is better to hook, how to properly chop it, salt it so that it is stored for a long time and at the same time has a good smell and taste. Such experience does not pass without a trace.

– What difficulties did you encounter later?

 – Upon my return, I had the opportunity to work not only with sea but also with river fish. And they, as you know, differ among themselves in fat content, density and salt content. Accordingly, the process of salting takes place in different ways. When cutting, each fish is cleaned and cut in its own way. And  there is no general allowance – everything is comprehended empirically. So when I retire, more free time will appear – we will create our own Talmud. I think by then it will be a weighty encyclopedia

– How did you come up with the idea of art culinary?

 – Like many, I have a family and there is a catastrophic lack of time to spend a good rest with each other. A lot of energy is spent on preparing lunch / dinner. So the idea about an almost ready meal came, which only needs to be thermally processed. Each housewife can get out of the oven fragrant sea bass cooked in 15 minutes. Also, for men who want to please their soul mate with a romantic dinner, it will be enough only to put the fish they bought on a baking sheet.

– What is your main task at Fish in House?

 – Hone all skills to perfection, expand the range of new products, surprise customers with something new and interesting. Another important factor is manual work. The dishes you like should each time be the same for your guests so that they can confidently find their favorite dish.

– What do you strive for in your work?

– To be as useful as possible for the team and customers 🙂 In the near future we plan to create a catalog according to which you can easily decide on the choice of dishes, learn about the features of its preparation and use. A kind of magic wand in a modern kitchen.

 – What dish would you recommend for the holiday table?

– Salmon carpaccio, tuna and scallop with assorted caviar: red, black, pike. I can share my personal recipe if someone is interested.

– And the last question. What can not be done with fish in any case?

– A lot of things that cannot be done, but the first and most important thing is that it is impossible to cook tasteless!

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