Aquarium and Seafood

Seafood – everything edible, obtained from the world’s oceans, with the exception of vertebrates. The Fish in House store has dozens of marine delicacies for gourmets and lovers: these are mollusks, which include oysters, mussels in shells, and scallops, as well as cuttings, baby squid, cuttlefish, and octopus.

In the huge aquarium you will also find oysters Fin de Claire No. 1 (France), White pearls (France), as well as lobsters from Canada.

We strive to make our store a kind of “island of plenty” for lovers of sea delicacies and allow gourmets to immerse themselves in the subtleties of tastes and aftertaste characteristic of each product.

Specify the assortment and availability of products by calling the store 068 742 19 48, as the catch depends on the season, spawning and other factors