About Us

About Us

Fish in House shop offers a wide range of natural high-quality and always fresh products!

There is a variety of chilled and frozen sea and river fish; lobsters, shrimps, mussels, squids and other inhabitants of the sea, fish delicacies and of course pike caviar.

The impeccable reputation of Fish in House is the result of painstaking work on the selection of products, according to the requirements of the highest international quality standards, as well as taking into account the wishes of customers.

Behind the store counters there are sensitive and professional staff who knows almost everything about fish and seafood. Here we also provide a free service for cleaning and cutting fish so that the cooking process at home is even more pleasant.

Special attention should be paid to the aquarium-showcase where oysters and lobsters “temporarily reside”.

Next to the store there is the Fish-in-House kitchen-restaurant, where we cook incredibly delicious fish and seafood dishes like forshmak, steamed cutlets, dolma from carp, quiche loren and much more.

In the list of culinary masterpieces that Fish in House cuisine is famous for, you can find dishes for any taste: from delicacies to fish familiar to everyone, prepared according to the author’s recipe. It is worth noting that the capabilities of the kitchen allow you to cook fish to taste and to order of the guest – steamed, baked or fried in a pan. Special Fish in House sauces will help to accentuate unique tastes of the dishes.

You can have a tasty snack here at cozy tables, or you can use the take away service or order home delivery.

The assortment of cuisine is constantly updated and expanded depending on the season and of course the preferences of customers. We are always open to suggestions and wishes, ready to add new items to the menu.

History of creation

No business can be created without investing particles of the soul, without love for your product or service. Therefore, the discovery of Fish in House has its own family history – a hobby that later grew into a life-long business.

Many boys like fishing with fathers, showing a sporting interest, talking about their victories and catches, but actually few people are ready to commercialize such hobby. Here’s to your attention the story of the director of Fish in House about creating this unique fish store:

When my brother and I were children, our father took us fishing every time. I still remember these vivid memories. A large river with its smells and sounds, amazing nature, calm water surface and the delight of fishing catch will remain in memories forever. There was a large caught and we began to sell the surplus. Noticing the demand, other fishermen began to help out. They implemented surpluses in the markets of large cities, delivery had to be done even at home. Here the fish came into the house this way.

And so the name appeared, which many residents of the city associate with delicious fish and seafood for a family home dinner – Fish in House.